House Thibault - Stellenbosch


Designed and delivered by Henk & Riaan Marais - assisted by Joshua Putz


We chose Connect Architects because we admire their modern designs. Furthermore, I specifically wanted an Afrikaans speaking architect in order to be able to communicate my ideas clearly, because we are Afrikaans speaking. Henk Marais didn’t disappoint! We liked the fact that there is more than one architect at the firm. They bounce ideas off one another, which offers the client input from more than one angle. We love that our house is ultra-modern, yet still fits into the environment of an old town like Stellenbosch. My favourite aspect of the design of the house is the view out of all the windows. They have been strategically designed to face the mountains, trees and the garden. The view out of every single window looks like a painting. I can highly recommend them!




House Invermark - Oranjezicht


Designed and delivered by Riaan and Henk Marais - assisted by Joshua Putz.


I love so many aspects of the design of our house! I love the way the space allows us to move easily around the house. I love the cross vaulted colonnade that supports our spacious stoep, the barrel vaults downstairs and the brilliant huge skylight that allows us to see Table Mountain as well as the beautiful curved staircase. The whole design experience with Connect Architects was a delight. Riaan really went the extra mile to give us this house that we adore.


(Note: We have successfully completed 4 projects for this client to date. A beach house remodel in Arniston, a penthouse fit-out at 117 on Strand, additions and alterations to a 16th century manor house in England and the above-featured house in Oranjezicht.)


House Kalden, Somerset West


Designed and delivered by Henk Marais


I love the open plan living room and the strong, modern, minimalist design which utilises the full potential of the view. By now, I’ve lived 15 years in the house and the design is still as fresh and attractive as day one, unlike the home owner. During my experience with Connect Architects, I was very impressed with Henk Marais’ professionalism, keen eye on design and visualisation/ conceptualisation of what will work best on the erf. I was guided meticulously through all the steps – from design onset, construction method / materials and interior finishes and fittings. I highly recommend them!




House de Palme - Stellenbosch

Designed and delivered by Henk Marais


Team Connect was precise and professional during the whole duration of the project. The project took shorter than expected and Henk listened extremely well to the requirements to ensure that I was satisfied. The end result was great. My favourite part of the design is the timelessness and I wouldn’t change a thing.



(Note: A further alteration on this property was completed for this client.)


House Kanonberg - Durbanville

Designed and delivered by Henk Marais


After 12 years of living in this house, it still feels current. That’s my favourite part! There is nothing that I would change, even after all these years.. It is said you only build a house once in your life, but working with Henk made it such a pleasant experience that I can’t wait to do it again and again (obviously with them by my side!). I can recommend Connect Architects!


(Note: A new house is in fact currently on site in Onrus with Connect Architects by their side!)


House Northshore Drive - Lake Michelle

Designed and delivered by Riaan Marais - Assisted by Taariq Jumat


I'm really happy with the architectural services provided by Connect Architects. They listened extremely well to my requirements to ensure that I was satisfied with the end-design of my house in Noordhoek. They didn't only meet the agreed timelines of the project, they managed to finalize the project sooner than expected. The experience was all round great and I would definitely recommend Connect Architects! 




House Joubert Road - Green Point

Designed and delivered by Riaan and Henk Marais


This is a very easy testimonial to write. My brothers not only provided me with a beautiful design tailored to my specific needs and values, but they also supported me through the entire process, especially when the going got tough during the project. There were some very complicated issues with town planning and neighbour's consents and they handled it all for me and supported me through a very stressful time.

I would obviously recommend them every time!



(Note : This was the second house we had designed and built for our brother Jaco. The first being a beautiful 3 bedroom house in Aurora, back in 2002!)


House Ocean View 208 - Fresnaye

Designed and delivered by Henk Marais & Joshua Putz

On our journey of renovating our house, Henk had a remarkable ability to lead us along as well as sharing difficult news in a constructive manner. We love the overall design of our new house, especially the spacious bedrooms and the staircase. We would recommend Connect Architects every time! 


(Note: These clients also went on to use Connect Architects again for their beach house in Onrus - refer House Protea Road)


House Arabella - Kleinmond

Designed and delivered by Henk Marais

My favourite part of the design is the 360 degrees of design, which allows me to get something nice to rest my eyes on in every direction. Also, the attention to details makes a wall not just a wall or a ceiling just a ceiling. If there is anything I could change about our house, it is the outdoor spaces. I would invest heavier in them! I’m extremely likely to recommend Connect Architects, if you ever need a public customer statement, I’ll lay it on thick!! It was a very positive experience to work with Connect!


Syver Anmarkrud