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The Terraces Office Refurbishment - Cape Town

This fourteen storey office building in Cape Town’s Bree Street with a gross lettable area of 12 000 m², had its common areas redesigned by KMMA. This makeover included the lift lobbies, the shared bathroom facilities as well as the main foyer. Advantage was taken of the abundant light that enters the lift lobbies from the adjacent atrium to create dynamic and interesting spaces. Furthermore, red glass panels were chosen as elements of strong color to set this building apart from its more prosaic and restrained neighbors. To offset the crisp planes, interesting free form patterned floor inlays have been introduced to offset the crisp planes of other finishes. The existing low ceilings have been disguised by dark tinted recessed mirrored ceiling surfaces. The reflection from the contrasting smooth and textured surface treatments make for a sensory experience. 

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