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200 on Main - Offices - Clairemont


The upgraded and redesigned “200 on Main” building is situated at the high-traffic junction of Bowwood and Main Road in Claremont. KMMA’s design intend was to give the building a fresh Green look. Green features include double glazing, water management systems as well as power saving and highly efficient air-conditioning and electrical systems. 


The exterior, which previously had a dated visual identity of face brick, was given an complete facelift. It has been plastered, painted and provided with an impressive new entrance on Main Road. The new entrance is covered by a glass canopy, which leads onto a spacious security foyer. 


Henk Marais says “The main structure has been retained and the focus has been to upgrade the aesthetics to provide a sophisticated yet edgy design while rigorously applying Green principles to the service component of the building. This ensured an attractive and functional design that works for Claremont.” The emphasis on the Green elements runs through the entire building. From the air supply system which allows more than three times the required amount of fresh air into the building, to the striking bamboo forest graphics in the lobby. Furthermore, the LED lighting in general areas is triggered by motion sensors, and switches on only when needed. 

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