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Multi-unit residential.

The Chesterfield - Campground Road, Newlands

Designed in collaboration with Ben Kotlowitz whilst part of KMMA - Delivered by Marilu Joubert

​The Chesterfield is a new luxury apartment building on the bustling Campground road in Rondebosch. The three-storey building with loft apartments on the third level, accommodates 24 apartments, with 11 unique designs, which range from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units.

Each apartment has its own balcony, which is a feature element in the design. These balconies are framed with a steel channel to create ‘popping boxes’, and then enclosed with reconstituted timber screens and aluminium sliding louvres for privacy.

The east-west orientation of the building along Campground Road allows for spectacular views of Devils Peak, Newlands Forest and Table Mountain to the west. Whilst the east facade on Campground road has been set further back, with deeper balconies and double glazing to minimise and filter the noise from the high street.

To make best use of the site, the building has a linear design with a central north-south passage, naturally creating entrances on the two ends for pedestrians and vehicles. The main pedestrian entrance pulls you into a triple volume space and leads to the main arterial passage, connecting all the apartments. This passage opens up over the vehicular entrance, to let in sun light and allows for natural ventilation. The roof top pool projects over this opening and vehicular entrance, highlighting the sense of luxury living in the Mother City.

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