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The Green Room @ The District - Cape Town

The District is a 7 storey office building on the edge of the Central Business District of Cape Town. The building was given an internal upgrade and a new central courtyard, appropriately named The Green Room, designed by KMMA. The Green Room serves as an amenity for the tenants as well as an introduction to the Green theme that carries through the building. The lobbies on each floor have been stylishly upgraded, using timber wall and ceiling elements offset by green glass panels which bring life to the interactive spaces. 


The Green Room concept was designed to add value to the lifeless barren courtyard by creating an environment where people can come together and interact while escaping the concrete jungle. To achieve this, a covered seating area was created next to an open garden. The Green Room was envisioned as a group of trees, represented by timber clad I-Beams, onto which the branches rest. The branches are represented by an asymmetrical timber beam structure, which in turn supports the glass roof. Leaf patterns were printed onto the glass to complete the “trees” which assist in casting organic shadows onto the deck below. Located next to the timber deck is a garden planted in a series of concrete and stone planters. To further bring the Green to the Green Room, plants were suspended from the timber branches. 

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